expansion joints information:
Pipe rubber expansion joint is necessary in systems that convey high temperature commodities such as steam or exhaust gases, or to absorb movement and vibration. Upcoming lane closure on Ballard Bridge; Route 128 bridge closures tied to need for joint repairs; The necessary steps for installing expansion joints shall be pre-planned. The installers shall be made aware of these steps as well as the special instructions furnished with the rubber expansion joint by the manufacturer, which will provide information necessary for proper handling and installation of rubber expansion joint.
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      Xuanda expansion joint is one of Chinese leading rubber expansion joint manufacturers. Our expertise and manufacturing capabilities include a full range of Rubber Expansion Joints, Flue Duct, stainless steel expansion joint Sound Absorbers, Custom Rubber Hose, Metal Hose, Pump Connectors an Metal Bellows Type Stainless Steel Expansion Joint.
Rubber expansion joints
rubber expansion joint SINGLE-SPHERE Rubber expansion joints with Floating Flanges
Temperature range: -30ºC~160 ºC
Pressure:1.0,1.6,2.5 MPa
Wide-Arch Rubber Expansion Joints with Flanges
Mold Wide Arch Design
Greater Motion Capability From Wider Area
Less Force to Compress
Standard 150lb. ANSI B 16.1 Flange Drilling
Standard Face to Face Dimensions
Vacuum 26" hg
Stainless steel expansion joints
Stainless Steel Expansion Joint Stainless Steel Expansion Joints
Body:Stainless Steel,PTFE
Nominal diameter: DN25~DN2400
Temperature range:<150ºC
Pressure:0.01,-0.05,0.01,0.05,0.1,0.25, 0.6,1.0,1.6 MPa
JF-1000H Stainless Steel Expansion Joints
JF-1000H Expansion joint is made by SUS321 material, multiplies bellows. When used in high temperature and high pressure fluid, with protection by cover, it can make a long service life in piping system.
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