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Major components of a pinch Valve consists of body and a sleeve. The sleeve will contain the flow media and isolate it from the environment hence reducing contamination to the environment.
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      All Xuanda Pinch Valve products are designed and manufactured in our modern factory in Cinnaminson, using the most current technology. All our pinch valve sleeves are made in-house to our exact specifications by the most experienced molders in the industry. Each pinch valve worker follows an exact step-by-step recipe for every sleeve detailed in our sleeve cook-books, using the best raw materials available.
Pinch Valves
  Pinch valve Technical Features
Applicable material: WCB, Aluminium, Cast iron, Stainless steel etc.
Applicable size: DN25 to DN350
Applicable pressure: Less than 0.6Mpa
Applicable temperature:80
Design standard can according to API, DIN.Please contact us directly for more information
Pinch valve Technical Features
Design & Manufacture: Q/JBGN02, GB 12239-89
Face to Face Dimension: Q/JBGN02, GB12221-89, QY 2000-2
Flanged Dimension: JB78, GB4126, ANSI B16.5, DIN3202, JIS
Inspect & Test: BS 6755, GB/T13927-92
Operation: Handwheel, Pneumatic & Electric
Size Ranges: 1" to 14"NB
Pressure Rating: PN6, PN10, PN16, ANSI 125, ANSI 150.
Information for pinch valve:
1.Advantage of air operated pinch valve and function of air operated pinch valve
2.Advantage of mechanical pinch valves and function of mechanical pinch valves
3.What is sleeves for pinch valve and advantage of sleeves for pinch valve
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