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Acid resistant ball check valve fluoropolymers are ideal for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing equipment because they have excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Within normal use temperatures,PTFE or PFA which is material of chemical ball valve,resins are attacked by so few chemicals that it is more practical to describe the exceptions rather than tabulate the chemicals with which they are compatible. Plastic valve is used with a variety of media,Selecting plastic valves requires an analysis of performance specifications, actuation methods, and connection types. ·About Chemraz PVDF of chemical valve
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   The website of Corrosion Resistant Valves is an independently owned company(Xuanda Industrial Group China) which has been supplying PTFE/FEP lined valves and plastic valves to the industries since 1990 . Our corrosion resistant valves are the best choice for corrosive application or service. It includes plastic valves,PTFE FEP lined butterfly valve, lined ball valve,lined plug valve,lined check valve,lined lined globe valve....  
   Quality System is an ISO 9001:2000 approved company. maintains this accreditation through a process of continuous third party surveillance with, six monthly, annual and triennial audit taking place. The company was one of the first in the valve to obtain approval to the upgraded version ISO 9001:2000. All of the company’s manufacture and test procedures fall within this regime. ....  
   Corrosion Resistant Valve Technology Industrial Group) are Chinese Emphasis High-tech. Enterprise, and also is the Executive Member of China Valve Association and China Pump Industry Association.Our five products are certified as National New Products. They are: Modified Polypropylene Lined Valve, Plastic Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve( Sulfur Acid Application),610℃ Triple Offset Metal Sealed Butterfly Valve, 1200℃ High Temperature Controlled Butterfly Valve, High Temperature Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Under Water Pump. Meanwhile, 1200℃ High Temperature Controlled Butterfly Valve and XDS Special Stainless Steel Material are listed in the National Torch Program.....  
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